Now this is more like it, Dad!

Boy is it good to be back on the Boat at last!  We thought we were never going to get home from that frozen land you took us to.  The sunshine and cool sea air sure feels good.  Can we go attack some otters now?  Roll in some dead deer carcuses maybe?  You're gonna have to clean up the Boat anyway and you've got that new portable carpet cleaner.

Hey, there's a Duck!  Come on, Pandora, it's comming this way, we need to bark at it.

Hey Uncle Dave is here!

Cat, rabbit, otter, waterfall!  Let's go Dad, bring some sausages and beer and we can have a campfire and chase sticks and splash in the water and run around and bark and get muddy and jump all over Dave!

Oops, don't spill your drink.