Wow!  Are we tired after all that Dog Adventure.

It sure is good to come home and relax.  We really like our Doggie Day Beds.  A nice frilly lace one for Pandora with red to match her colors.  Oh it's so soft, Dad, after all that running and jumping and chasing otters.  It feels sooo good!

A rough and tough one with a nice fluffy pillow for Bongo.   Oh yea, Dad, that's good after a long day of playing ball and barking.  And all these soft, fuzzy covers help dry off all that salt water from swimming!  Ahh, relax those aching muscles z.z.z.z.z...

Watch where you sit, Dad!


Read BLACK MAGIC, a mystery fiction story by Dave Ashton.

Enjoy other area attractions.  Visit Bongo's Stupid Picture Gallery and read Love Letters to Pandora.  Dad sells Lighthouses and has a Junk Shop too.