Isn't she just soooo cute!  Especially when those big ears go up.  And always the worrier, and the first one to bark!  Worried that Dad is leaving and never comming back.  But as soon as Dad is back, the first thing Pandora does is run off!

Just look at him!  Those big, round eyes so full of wonder.  Who could stay mad at a face like that?  Even if he did just crap all over the livingroom.  "It wasn't my fault Dad, you were not listening to my telepathic messages."

What kind of a cheap Dog House is this?  Come on, Dad, it isn't even big enough for the two of us anymore.  It this any kind of a way to treat you kids?  We want a new house with separate bedrooms and bathrooms, a sunken living room, a two car garage and a couple of Rolls Royces.